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Your Credit Score in Retirement Stealth Retirement Expenses IRS Dirty Dozen 2020 The CARES Act and How It Affects Retirees The SECURE Act 2019 - Tax and Retirement Implications Understanding Lump Sum Buyouts Annual Financial To Do List Identity Theft and Retirement: How to Protect Yourself Planning for Retirement in a Slowing Economy Guaranteed Lifetime Income Rider and Living Benefits Basics Avoiding Tax Scams in Retirement What is the Social Security 2100 Act MYGA - Multi-Year Guarantee Annuities Medicare Parts A through D Implications of The 2018 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Healthcare and Medicare Resources The Impact Of Health Costs on Social Security Good Debt, Bad Debt Inflation Erodes Retirement Savings Social Security The Most Misunderstood Program in America A System For Achieving Market-Protected Income Security Variable Annuity Fee Quick Reference Guide Taking a Closer Look At Required Minimum Distributions Want to Save More For Retirement? Get A Plan. Proposed Changes to Estate Tax Liability Calculation Interest Rates Remain Low ... For Now Don't Miss These Important Tax Deductions Muni Bonds Generate Tax Free Interest - Or Do They? Secret Fees in Mutual Funds Women are Not Equal to Men in Retirement The Pros and Cons of Investing and Owning Gold Promissory Notes May Not Be Real Promises Market Volatility Can Be Defeated: Retain or Gain Verifying Social Security Records to Maximize Your Benefits The Good News: The Longer You Live, The Longer You Live How Can LTC Insurance Help You Protect Your Assets Financial Fraudsters Preying on Boomers and Elders Get a Paycheck for Life with the Guaranteed Lifetime Income Rider Retiring In America If Interest Rates Rise, What Happens to Bonds Long-Term Investment Truths 401k Fees and Rollover Options Overview The New Gradual Retirement Understanding the Difference Between Fixed And Variable Annuities Are Your Kids Delaying Your Retirement The Value of Double-Checking Your Retirement Strategy Tax Efficiency in Retirement How Can Women Save More for Retirement The U.S. Savings Bond Tax Trap How Annuities Can Lend Safety and Stability to Your Retirement Plan Social Security Survivor Benefits Fixed Indexed Annuities Pension Plans And Derisking Getting a Jump on Tax Season The Latest on Social Security Keeping Holiday Spending Under Control Should You Apply For Social Security Now...or Later? Avoiding Family Squabbles Over Your Estate Examining the Retirement Account Shortfall Minimizing Probate When Setting Up Your Estate Debunking a Few Popular Retirement Myths Taking Taxes Into Account When Saving And Investing Couples Retiring on the Same Page The Question Marks Surrounding Wall Street Trading Do Your Investments Match Your Risk Tolerance? It’s Time to Review Your Life Insurance Retirement Planning With Health Care Expenses in Mind Women Longevity Risk And Retirement Saving RMD Precautions & Options Why Do We Save So Little? Retire at 65 ... Or Not? Organizing Your Paperwork for Tax Season Practice KISS Investing Getting It All Together for Retirement End-of-the-Year Money Moves Using Debit vs. Using Credit Pension Questions After the Detroit Bankruptcy Charitable And Individual Gifting: Tax Considerations The Top 10 Retirement Planning Excuses How & When to Sign Up for Medicare LTC Insurance Innovations And Increasing Costs Reassessing Retirement Assumptions Making Retirement Savings Last Retirement Seen Through Your Eyes The Right Beneficiary Which Financial Documents Should You Keep On File? Tax Issues in Early Distributions from Retirement Accounts Easy Ways To Save Money On Your Next Tax Bill 10 Estate Planning Success Tips

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Al Martinez

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