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Al Martinez is a native of Denver, Colorado. He attended Colorado State University and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Forestry. Al joined the Forest Service working initially on fire crews. He advanced to hot-shot crews and eventually became a Smoke Jumper. His responsibilities expanded, and Al was promoted to Fire Safety Manager, working on many fires including the deadly South Canyon fire in Glenwood Springs where 14 firefighters died while fighting fire. After 30 years, Al ended his career as the rocky mountain Regional Fire Safety Manager which covers 5 states.

Al had always had a natural ability to meet and make people feel comfortable, that became important as he moved to the second stage of his life as a financial advisor.

For more than two decades, Al Martinez has been an advisor and general agent in the financial services industry, helping clients to make sound financial decisions in the areas of insurance and retirement planning.

As the host of the Retirement & Income Radio Show, Al’s focus is on providing safe money retirement strategies and solutions, exploring ways to protect retirement money, increase income, and protect against potential market losses and economic volatility, including health circumstances, taxes, and those unforeseen situations that can be devastating to principal assets in retirement.

Al’s background as a fire specialty was protecting firefighters through developing and implementing fire safety training and oversight. This same concept of protection is extended into Al’s approach in helping people retire with safety and security.

Al’s approach is to find financial solutions to protect his client’s hard-earned and precious retirement assets.

Al is the proud father of three daughters and enjoys rafting, hiking, biking, and fishing in the great state of Colorado.

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Al Martinez

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Protecting your assets without losing a penny!
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