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A Pile Of Cash: How Important Is It?

Cash talks when it comes to paying for something like a new car. Cash can get you a better deal and eliminate interest payments. But more important than having money is having cash flow.

Cash flow is the true king. Cash flow is INCOME.

  Try thinking of your money from a different perspective than people usually do: not as a pile of money, but as an income stream. It is not how much you have but how much you can spend.  Month after month, income that comes on a reoccurring basis is the true “king.” If you have enough money every month that appears like clockwork to cover your bills and provides enough excess funds to live your lifestyle, your financial stress disappears, and you’re left with peace of mind. Constantly worrying about the potential state of your financial future can get in the way of living a content and happy life. Stress will kill you, as they say. Chronic stress, the kind most of us face day in, day out, is a killer. Chronic stress can make you more vulnerable to everything from cancer to the common cold. A straightforward way to reduce chronic stress is to ensure a nonstop month-after-month income stream.  With cash flow, you can spend all your money every month, if you choose, because more will come next month. Assets such as pensions, social security, and fixed annuities can guarantee cash flow. They aren’t just chunks of money but cash flow and steady income. A grant can provide a steady income stream for any period you desire, even a lifetime. An annuity offers protection against market risk and fluctuations. Adding an annuity as a companion to social security and your pension can provide a layer of guaranteed income, income that becomes your monthly cash flow.

Cash flow means stress reduction.

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