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Safe Money Guide Report Cover

Safe Money Guide

When you consider the tumultuous economic and political environments we are witnessing at both the national and international levels, it is not difficult to see how timely and important the notion of “safe money” has become. It will certainly not answer all of your questions, but it should provide a solid understanding of annuities, how they work, and how they may or may not fit into your overall planning.

Annuity and Investment Report Cover

The Annuity & Investment Report

In the past, it was taken for granted that the stock market would rise over almost any specific time period, our homes would increase in value, the stock market could be depended on; history has now proven that is not necessarily correct. This Report examines investment options available to Baby Boomers.

Manage Your Bank Cover

Manage Your Bank!

Bank fees are remarkably high; most banks would not exist if they could not charge fees. Learn the secrets of managing your banking relationship, which will reduce your fees. Understand how banks pay less interest in CD rollovers, you can stop them!

Life Insurance Guide Report Cover

Life Insurance Guide

Life insurance comes in many different forms and what you choose for protection should be in line with your goals. One of the beautiful features of life insurance is that it is adaptable. It can provide immediate protection and later evolve as needed. Choosing the right type of life insurance and selecting the correct policy for you and your goals is an important decision.

10 Annuity Secrets Report Cover

10 Annuity Secrets You Need To Know

The origin of annuities can be traced to the founding of the United States of America. The first recorded use of annuities was by the Presbyterian Church who used annuity concepts to provide for widows and retired ministers. America probably owes much of its success to the far reaching use of long term savings provided by annuities.

Medicare and You Report Cover

Medicare And You

Each year, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) releases a handbook titled Medicare & You. The handbook, which is made available to all current and future Medicare beneficiaries, is published in the fall for the upcoming year. Download the official U.S. Government Medicare & You 2023 Handbook.

Bill Broich Variable Annuities Secrets Report Cover

Variable Annuity Secrets

Bill Broich - founder of - discusses the facinating world of variable annuities. He is fascinated not because of the product but because so many people can be convinced to buy a product so filthy rich in fees and expenses. He can’t think of any other product available that has the fees structure of variable annuities. Learn from his experiences with variable annuities.

Social Security Claiming Report Cover

Social Security Claiming Guide

The Center for Retirement Research of Boston College publishes this guide to explain options of when to claim Social Security. When you claim Social Security has a dramatic effect on the monthly benefits you and, if married, your spouse will receive for the rest of your lives. How long you work and when you claim will usually have a far greater impact on how much income you’ll have in retirement.

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