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Why Your Credit Score Matters in Retirement and How to Boost It

April 20, 2024

You might think that your credit score doesn't hold much importance once you've retired. However, a ...

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Lowering Healthcare Costs in Your Golden Years

March 28, 2024

Being proactive about your health is a matter of improving your quality of life and a ...

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Preparing for the Big Two: Housing and Healthcare Expenses

February 21, 2024

Retirement planning is a critical aspect of financial well-being, yet many individuals often underestimate the two ...

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The Importance of the Distribution Phase in Your Financial Life

January 10, 2024

A Look at Fixed Annuities When it comes to managing your finances, experts often break down ...

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Understanding the Rising Appeal of QLACs in the Current Financial Climate

December 9, 2023

The financial world is witnessing a significant shift, particularly in retirement planning, owing to the recent ...

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The Volatility Conundrum

October 26, 2023

Navigating Retirement Investments Safely Navigating the treacherous waters of retirement investments can sometimes feel like an ...

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The New Paradigm of Retirement Income Solutions

September 28, 2023

Secure Your Golden Years with Annuities and Insurance Products How we think about retirement has significantly ...

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What is the Difference Between Fixed Annuities and Bank CDs?

August 31, 2023

Fixed annuities and bank certificates of deposit (CDs). Both financial products are often regarded as the ...

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Understanding Annuity Riders 

June 30, 2023

Customizing your Financial Safety Net Disclosure: Annuity riders are not always offered on all annuity products, and ...

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Annuity Ladders Can Help You On Your Climb Towards Retirement

April 5, 2023

An annuity ladder is a financial planning strategy that involves dividing a lump sum of money ...

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Take Control of Your Retirement: Strategies to Lower the Risks of Outliving Your Savings

February 4, 2023

Are you a retiree or planning to retire soon and concerned about having your savings last? ...

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Make Sure You Avoid The Financial Storms

January 9, 2023

Years ago, I was sitting in my home watching on TV the arrival of a destructive ...

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Are You Paralyzed About Your Retirement Choices?

September 21, 2022

Could an annuity help you enjoy your retirement? Hurricane Sandy devastated the Atlantic Seaboard, the ...

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Annuity Sales Are Predicted to Grow In These States

September 11, 2022

Fixed indexed annuities have become the darling for retiring with guaranteed income. Update: Nearly ...

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A Pile Of Cash: How Important Is It?

September 11, 2022

Cash talks when it comes to paying for something like a new car. Cash can get ...

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Saving For Retirement? Don’t Forget Your Teeth

September 11, 2022

Her jaw began to hurt three years after Sue retired, at first only when she awoke, ...

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Top 7 Retirement Planning Mistakes To Avoid 

April 25, 2021

Retirement decisions can be confusing and complicated. Many people make too many mistakes when it comes ...

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4 Common Myths about Annuities

February 16, 2019

Myths or facts, make sure your understand the difference Corporate media is mostly aligned against ...

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Two Basics You Must Know About Annuities

February 4, 2019

Learn annuities, love annuities Some people find annuities difficult to understand. This can be due ...

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10,000 Baby Boomers Retire Each Day

January 30, 2021

10,000 new baby boomers retire each day. Think about it: Many people don’t get defined ...

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